Trading Journal – 12th September

DXZ18 – historical vol has drifted down to 4.4, which looking back at a chart would make me guess it is time for another episode of the Donald. If I am looking at a long term chart back to July 2017 I would say I am thinking the easy way is up, for now.

GCZ18 – looking weaker than copper today. not plussed or minused.

KCZ18 – should i wait for it to go lower? I don’t want to but It’s already been below so it’s smarter to wait for the best risk reward rather than get stopped out in the middle again.

ZWZ18 – not a top, nor a bottom. just a nothing.

CCZ18 – middle of a range, nothing for me to do here.

SBV18 – Is sugar stalling already? maybe. 11.49 is the target in the near term, if the price got up to the 200 DMA that would be very impressive. And a definite sell for me.

HGZ18 – copper is making me a little suspicious it might attempt a move higher, just something about the indecisiveness after a long sideways consolidation and a couple of attempts to break lower. I am probably looking for an opportunity to get short more than anything else.

ZSX18 – Soybeans I think are making a break lower. The pressure on Trump might lead him to escalate the trade war and I can see him getting his back up in front of all the wall street guys that Xi is trying to get to attend and talk some sense into Trump. Price is currently at 827.

ZMZ18 – Soybean meal moved lower earlier than expected so for now I am just going to watch although in the sense of those leading the move lower being weaker, it certainly should be the product i am shorting. Just doesn’t seem like a good place to enter at the moment.

ZOZ18 – I would think Oats sell off from here however Tuesday’s session did not break below the previous low.

RSX18 – just watching this one to see how it responds to 487/5. I would expect given a lower high that it attempts a lower low.

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