Trading journal – 17th September

DXZ18 – the price dipped 60 points below the 15 day moving average and almost 70 below the 40 day moving average, which is the most it has been since this move began. Not a good sign but again it has bounced back. Not a great example of the trend at the moment, so just going to watch.

GCZ18 – gold is holding at 1200 for now. Can it bounce? Hard to tell. Not a great idea it fight the trend. All including the 15, 40, 100 & 200 day moving average are still pointing down.

KCZ18 – sitting just below 100, could go either way but I probably favour more weakness from here.

ZWZ18 – another bounce but I would have thought a great opportunity to sell. if we get closer to the 200 day moving average I will probably get short with a stop on the other side.

CCZ18 – very ugly for cocoa, I will be keen to go short on any rally around 2271.

SBV18 – opening lower and I expect to continue back towards 10 from here. Sitting on my initial position.

HGZ18 – copper again looking weak but still above 2.60 so no action required.

ZSX18 – I want to get short but have no defined stop level I am comfortable with.

ZMZ18 – soybean meal looking weak and whilst we might get a little bounce I would think we push on towards 300. Perhaps a rally up towards the midpoint of Friday’s candle would be a good point to get short.

ZOZ18 – a lot of momentum to the downside at the moment. Almost seems a forgone conclusion the price will hit 233 shortly, but not my ideal place to get short.

RSX18 – just waiting to see if the lows hold at 489. If they do I will get long after enough sideways action. Waiting means I might miss a sharp bounce but better to conserve capital and see if the support can arrest the rapid downswing.

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