Trading journal – 21st September

DXZ18 – short at 93.53.

GCZ18 – Long gold at 1211. Stop at 1198.

KCZ18 – the speed of the rally makes me think it should only be a short term move.

ZWZ18 – the price has risen up towards 520 but expect it will probably fail again from here.

CCZ18 – Heading down towards 2100 in the near term I would expect.

SBV18 – the end of contract roll is approaching so I’ll need to close this out soon. I would expect the bulk of the closeout pressure to be on the buying side given the long downtrend we’ve had. So best not to wait till the last day.

HGZ18 – this could be heading all the way back up to 2.91 where the 100 day moving average is waiting.

ZSX18 – the price has managed to climb back towards 850 , but the overall picture is still negative so perhaps this is just another location to get short in the longer downtrend.

ZMZ18 – soybean meal is looking soft again and I fully expect prices in the complex are headed lower.

ZOZ18 – I sold short at 2.4875, on the expectation that this one will fall away. I’ve also got to take profit at 2.33.

RSX18 – the relatively weak rally in canola would be very discouraging if I was long and I’d be thinking to try and get out. Maybe it recovers during the session but it’s not looking good.

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