Trading Journal – 28th September

DXZ18 – a meaningful bounce on the dollar index, would be expecting another test of 95 tonight.Almost tempted to buy at market and take profit at 95.

GCZ18 – this is either a great buy or the resumption of the downtrend. Am I jumping in? no. no risk/reward to define until we get down to 1178/1166.

KCZ18 – lucky i didn’t stay in this one. This is starting to look like it could build into a good run on the bull side. I am going to buy, expecting the price to ‘pop’ on the way through 100. Went long at 0.9980 while typing, stop at 0.9930.

ZWZ18 – I’d expect some continuation on the downside now at least to 500.

CCZ18 – took profit at 2120. I feel I should have a buy order at 2100-2112, expecting a good bounce from here. Decided to go long while typing at 2114 (at market) and stop at 2096.

SBH19 – This looks like a bounce from 0.11 in the making. I went long at 0.1096. stop at 0.1080.

HGZ18 – below the midpoint of the 21st September candle and I wouldn’t be surprised if the price gave way from here.

ZSX18 – surprisingly bullish outcome so far. This could be going higher. It’s made a false break through the 40 day MA twice previously and failed. Penetration was roughly 7% on each occasion.

ZMZ18 – I’m still a little sceptical here on the bullish side. It’s not cleared the previous high, so I’m just going to watch.

ZOZ18 – the build up thus far seems quite constructive. If it fails here then I would expect it to run down to 240 in quick succession.

RSX18 – a big fail if it can’t get through 500, although the move up to this point has been good.

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