Trading journal – 2nd October.

DXZ18 – the US dollar is pushing higher again and it looks like we will see a test of 96 shortly.

GCZ18 – I put in an order last night to buy at 1185 but it didn’t get filled and the price is slightly higher this morning.

KCZ18 – coffee looks indecisive after a bullish break of the downtrend appeared to have been made. If the price moves back toward the mid point of that bullish candle in a stable manner them I will look to go long. I had a buy entry order last night which didn’t get filled at 101.50.

ZWZ18 – wheat appears to be in another slow consolidation after running to the 200 day moving average and then stalling. The sell-off so far has been relatively muted so I think we’ll probably get a rally from around these levels again. The price is currently at 509.

CCZ18 – the price has kept on going down after I exited my short position at 2120. It is currently at 1990 and looking very negative. The last low that I can see in front of it is 1880.

SBH19 – another strong bullish day for sugar which is looking good and I fully expect this to try and make a break for the 200 day moving average which is currently at 13.29. I think I will add to my initial unit at the open on Tuesday.

HGZ18 – copper looks to be making a break higher given the slow and steady way it has consolidated around current levels.

ZSX18 – soybeans are also looking impressive after funding support on the 19th and 20th of September and then building sideways I suspect it will probably aim for the 100 day moving average which is at 904.

ZMZ18 – slightly less impressive is soybean meal and I’m not sure what I come to expect even though soybeans look like they are headed higher.

ZOZ18 – oats did indeed day continue on and they are approaching the previous high around 280.

RSX18 – canola is looking weak and I would expect from here we see a move back down towards 485.

DYZ18 – this is just for trade management purposes. Went short around 12,381 and then a second unit at 12,223 giving me an average price of 12,302. Looks like another top forming in this downtrend. Wait and see were it goes.

SIZ18 – a long period of sideways consolidation after a down trend and then a big bullish candle on big volume was enough to get me to go long. Bought around the midpoint off the break out candle at 14.545. Stop is at 14.20 (roughly the bottom of the break out candle).

VIV18 – this is also just for trade management purposes. Went long the VIX index knowing that decay is against me but aiming for a result over the next two weeks so will wait and see where it goes.

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