Trading journal – 3rd October

DXZ18 – slightly positive candle posted yesterday on decent volume just continuing the uptrend for now but the Upper shadow was not the best sign.

GCZ18 – gold also had a positive day and the bottom of the range has once again held.

KCZ18 – I was waiting for the price to come back towards 101.50, and I had an entry order which I pulled because it didn’t get filled. I was actually watching the price last night whilst on my sugar trade and so the price up 101.75 but thought it might come back further. I made good money on the Sugar Trade but it’s disappointing not to we on this one. It shows the benefit of limit entry orders. At least it will now provide a good theme to trade around.

ZWZ18 – wheat has bounced a little bit earlier than I expected as I thought we were probably heading back down towards 480.

CCZ18 – also another big session for cocoa pushing back towards 2100, bouncing off the 2000 level.

SBH19 – this was almost a great trade. In the end I have to say it was a good trade. I bought it 0.1096, 0.1170 and 0.1189. I was actually in the money on the last unit I was the price trading around 0.1203 but as it fell back towards 0.1190 I kept chasing it down, adjusting my stop trying to catch the last point. Eventually I got out at 0.1190, so still was a good result but just paid the price for being greedy when I knew the big figure (0.1200) would be a key level for the price to break through and fade back from. I could have left one unit on but I just decided to take profit. I’d reached my target for the week.

HGZ18 – the pausing copper makes me think it’s heading higher as it’s not giving ground away that quickly after making a high on 21st of September.

ZSX18 – another bullish day for soybeans and the trend continues higher. I think this will go to 900 now.

ZMZ18 – asleep a positive day for soybean meal. Definitely looks like this one has broken out of the negative sentiment that has been plaguing soybeans for the last little while.

ZOZ18 – oats are on fire, trends is very strong. I will be interested to see how they respond to the 280 level.

RSX18 – also another big day for canola but the price is still stuck under 500 so I don’t think there’s much to do here until it breaks through that marker.

DYZ18 – it looks like a positive day for the index with a lot of indecision and a long lower tail , so I’ll have to be careful not to let this one turn into a loser beyond my planned risk limit.

SIZ18 – I would say that Silver had a good day because it was up about 1.3% at the close but when I look at the chart the price action was not that positive. The long upper tail going towards the 15 level was possibly my confirmation that the down trend is still intact and I will need some strong close up towards 14.8 before we can say the price is heading much higher.

VIV18 – I made a small profit on this one but the main emphasis was getting out once I realised I made a bad call / mistake.

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