Trading journal – 3rd November

DXZ18 – massive rejection of the 97 level, not sure what that means in the short term. Down 0.85% on Thursday. A bounce on Friday saw the index up from 96 after falling to hold the bearish break below.

GCZ18 – trading the inverse of the US Dollar index gold bounced strongly, up 1.8% on Thursday. not sure what this means in the short term. No recognisable pattern for me. Friday’s failure to continue looks more indecisive for me than anything else.

KCZ18 – stopped out at 1.1662. very disappointing given I am out at zero (no loss but no gain) after catching a 8% move in the sell off from 125. Friday’s session looks to show that to be a good decision, the price up again. I’m almost tempted to use this to get short again near the 200 DMA but I need a bit more time to think about it so no action for me right now.

ZWZ18 – still holding around the lows , so I think we might expect to see this push higher over the short to medium term.

CCZ18 – in a jungle of red and green this seems to be pushing higher still and that has surprised me a little bit. Still too chaotic for my liking though.

SBH19 – sugar appears to be rallying once again but it doesn’t look particularly strong just yet so I’m tempted to fade this in a similar way to Coffee.

HGZ18 – two big sessions for copper but it’s not out of the woods yet so I am almost convinced this is a great opportunity to sell. A break of 2.87 on the upside would be a meaningful move.

ZSF19 – a standout day on volume and over 218,000 contracts traded shows a Big Bounce from 850 and then a rejection of the 900 level the next session. The price was quite extended from the 200 day moving average by the time we got to the 18th of September so was due for some sort of mean reversion. Now though medium term trend is catching up and the price has tried to rally through the 100 day moving average twice. I will wait to see if it fails again because it would probably be a good short around these levels for a move below 830.

ZMZ18 – trading sideways, might be a good opportunity to sell short around 321 where the 100 day moving average currently is, targeting a move below 300.

ZOZ18 – the price might have moved off the 40 day moving average but it’s too early to tell for me.

RSF18 – still looking negative and this really start to look like a big negative breaking down below 490 with a couple of attempts to recover so far failing.

DYZ18 – price is still drifting higher with the 100 day moving average at 12,223. The 40 day average is at 11,854 so my target is to sell just above that so probably about 11,900.

LSF19 – the price has bounced off 300 and is heading up towards 340 where the 40 day moving average is waiting. Selling has been relatively good in that area in the fall down from 550.

CTZ18 – the 40 day moving average again is providing resistance. The price would be a great sell somewhere in the vicinity of 80 to 82.

OJF19 – an almost relentless bearish run continues and the 40 day average does not seem even remotely under threat so far.

SIZ18 – A big up day followed by another indecisive candle. Really just means the sideways run is likely to continue from my point of view.

VIX18 – still waiting for volatility to drop further and equities to continue to rally.

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