Trading journal – 20th November

Back from holidays!

DXZ18 – still in an uptrend and still fading back from the previous high.

GCZ18 – moving averages are finally coming together although the 200 day moving average is still lagging behind and a dark cloud over head out 1277.

KCZ18 – price looks to be consolidating around the 100 day moving average and I’m not sure what to make it from here so I’m just going to leave it.

ZWZ18 – wheat is not looking good but again the trend is relatively indecisive so not drawing too strong a conclusion at this stage.

CCZ18 – an attempt to break through 2400 and the 200 day moving average has failed with the trend all over the place at the moment.

SBH19 – finding a bit of support at 12.50, hard to read for me at the moment.

HGZ18 – still surprisingly positive. There should really be a sell zone but there’s a couple of features on the chart which give me reason to pause the first of which are the two most recent lows each higher than the one before. The second is the fact that the bigger picture trend is still down.

ZSF19 – again similar to many of the commodities at the moment the trend is not clear

ZMZ18 – a negative signal and it’s back down to the bottom of the range

ZOZ18 – some quite bullish action yesterday but with the caveat that the long upper tail speaks to a rejection of the high. Most likely scenario for me is to buy near me shorter term moving average such as the 40 day.

RSF18 – the down trend is persisting but we are getting towards levels that are almost at the 2 year lows with the next stop at 447.

DYZ18 – I never got filled on this one and I don’t think it’s going to come back now.

LSF19 – relatively dramatic bounce off 300 but the price looks to be struggling in the 350-370 area.

CTZ18 – price struggling at the lows and I’m not sure which action to take.

OJF19 – a sharp bounce for orange juice is quite interesting we might see the price run up to 150.

SIZ18 – this is probably not a bad opportunity to sell silver after it’s made a new low below 14.

VIX18 – got long and then went longer second unit before the price retraced so I trimmed my position one unit. Still long one unit and in the money about 2K.

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