Trading journal – 21st November

DXZ18 – another poor day for equities, the US dollar bounced accordingly finding some buyers near the 40 day moving average.

GCZ18 – nothing here for me

KCZ18 – no strong view and moving to the next front month which is March

ZWZ18 – again nothing here for me

CCZ18 – possible Target 2000 but no action for me

SBH19 – big negative day on sugar and I expect if it can’t find buyers soon near the 12.50 area then this is heading back towards 11

HGZ18 – nothing for me

ZSF19 – still drifting sideways

ZMZ18 – just watching for a downside break

ZOZ18 – probably the trade are most interested in at the moment given it’s been building and seems to be pushing again for a move higher. I need to think a bit more about what would be my trigger and what is my entry, if it comes back to the forty day moving average that would be a good buy from my perspective.

RSF19 – I feel like any rally up into the short-term moving averages could be a good sell. This has been a major support level previously so I think the risk of a sharp rally is probably enough to put me off taking a position.

DYZ18 – a whole lot of ugly but in the near term it’s reached 11000 and I’m wondering if it will try and rally up into the shorter term moving average before crashing through the 11000 mark.

LSF19 – lumber is looking weak and with the bigger picture still not encouraging I would think this probably fades back towards 300 from here.

CTH19 – not below the early October low yet but things are not looking good.

OJF19 – my guess is we’ll probably fail again from here it’s a good sell I would think.

SIZ18 – waiting for 14

VIX18 – sitting on one position because of the decay

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