Trading Journal – 22nd November

DXZ18 – it’s a bit far away from the 100 day moving average and not really near anything from my perspective.

GCZ18 – too many mixed signals.

KCH19 – Sideways.

ZWH19 – getting towards the bottom of the range again. i would probably think it’s a buy around 504. Tight stop below 500 and could be good for 20 on the upside.

CCZ18 – starting to look ugly.

SBH19 – sideways

HGZ18 – still might breakout to the upside.

ZSF19 – sideways

ZMZ18 – sideways

ZOZ18 – every time this has come back it has pushed on higher. The last 3 sessions have been quite volatile though and that might be a sign of a top. buy just below 287 with a stop at 280? Not sure. It doesn’t all line up.

RSF19 – .473 held this time but this chart does not fill me with confidence.

DYZ18 – can’t call this one, it’s still looking weak but there’s been so much selling I can’t help but feel the bulls are going to rush in and stab the bears in the guts then disappear.

LSF19 – a very decent bounce from 300 still going for now.

CTH19 – sideways

OJF19 – first real test of the 40 DMA.

SIZ18 – had a bit of a bounce but nothing i want to touch.

VIZ18 – closed out the November contract, profit about USD 4.4k. Will look to get long again on any rally in the S&P500.

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