Trading journal – 29th November

DXZ18 – with this trend being relatively strong and sturdy it looks like this would be a good buy around the 40 day moving average which is currently at 96.13. Buying the dip has been relatively consistent near that marker over the last 3 months.

GCG19 – I’m surprised that gold was not weaker over the last couple of days but it certainly looks like there is some strong support and some good buying around 1218.

KCH19 – Wednesday’s candle was bullish and perhaps it is just a retracement to the 61.8% level before it moves higher again.

ZWH19 – still sideways

CCH19 – waiting for 2000. But so far the buying has been at 2100.

SBH19 – a massive up day for sugar moving over 4% in a very bullish manner but not on particularly strong volume. A little bit strange but I don’t have anything to do besides watch and wait right now.

HGZ18 – still nothing.

ZSF19 – nothing. All I can say is it has moved up towards the top of the range and more than anything else might be a short sell around these levels.

ZMF19 – nothing

ZOH19 – a big bounce from 280 and I did not get on board during Wednesday session eyes have been a bit distracted with work and focusing on my S&P e-mini position. A missed opportunity to go long with a bit of buffer in it now but I’ll wait and see where it goes from here.

RSF19 – bounced of the 470 level so I’m just going to continue to watch for now. Might get a chance to sell when it tries to push through the 40 day moving average.

DYZ18 – it hasn’t bounced as far as I would have hoped so I’m probably just going to wait for now.

ESZ18 – I’m currently short 2 units of the e mini S&P at an average of 2752 but it looks like I’m going to be tested on whether I’m willing to let this go a little bit underwater just because my view is the trend is down. It’s gone all the way down to 2730 but since then most of the profit has been erased, so currently only about $1.5k in the money. Perhaps I should have an order to sell one unit at 2752 then I can still have some of the position to risk if it does go back in my favour.

NQZ18 – finally got to do some bounce and I’m very happy to get a chance to take a short position so I sold one unit at 6905.

LSF19 – also missed my entry on lumber at 365 (didn’t have an order in) so just have to wait for a better opportunity. I’ll be interested to see how it reacts to the 300 level this time.

CTH19 – nothing on cotton for now

OJF19 – still thinking it will fade

SIF19 – waiting for 14. Although I did note on Wednesday’s session that there was a spike in volume along with the buying so perhaps it’s already made it’s test of 14.

PLF19 – doesn’t look like it’s going to get back up to the 200 day moving average anytime in the next week.

VIZ18 – went long at 18.30 so just gonna sit back and get some popcorn to watch the show.

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