Trading journal – 30th November

DXZ18 – price holding around the 15 day moving average at the moment.

GCG19 – slight bias to think this is going higher.

KCH19 – might be worth going long if it approaches 110 again with a stop just below the previous low from the 26th November.

ZWH19 – still sideways

CCH19 – waiting for 2000. But so far the buying has been at 2100. Is this a rally before another sell off or a higher low? only time will tell.

SBH19 – I would say that’s a big sell now for sugar, massive rejection of the previous day’s bullishness. Still the upper tail is so long it’s not a good risk reward for me to enter.

HGZ18 – still nothing.

ZSF19 – nothing. All I can say is it has moved up towards the top of the range and more than anything else might be a short sell around these levels.

ZMF19 – nothing

ZOH19 – I might still get a chance here, have to wait and see if it comes back to the 40 day moving average.

RSF19 – bounced off the 470 level so I’m just going to continue to watch for now. Might get a chance to sell when it tries to push through the 40 day moving average.

DYZ18 – it hasn’t bounced as far as I would have hoped so I’m probably just going to wait for now.

ESZ18 – Thursday’s price action was almost perfect, a doji candle at the end of a rally into the 40 day moving average, making a lower high (if it holds). Have to wait and see.

NQZ18 – similar to the e-mini S&P above but a doji after a few days rally. All I need now is Trump to disappoint in Buenos Aires and we could see a test of 6500.

LSF19 – also missed my entry on lumber at 365 (didn’t have an order in) so just have to wait for a better opportunity. I’ll be interested to see how it reacts to the 300 level this time.

CTH19 – nothing on cotton for now

OJF19 – HUGE bullish session yesterday from OJ, a big surprise. Unless the price is telling us some weather related issues are afoot then I can only guess a fund is ripping into the shorts. the 200 day moving average is the likely target and would be a great place to take a short for me.

SIF19 – waiting for 14.

PLF19 – might be about to plunge… looking very weak.

VIZ18 – just waiting for now, the 40 day moving average seems the safe place to add.

actions required as a result of today’s price action?
– decide on stop for PLF19 entry.

*Apologies I had to edit this after using an earlier version of the draft my 1 year old spilt some milk on my keyboard and the “i” and “o” were stuck.

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