Trading journal – 11th December

DXZ18 – US dollar index as pushed on again from the 40 day moving average which has proved a good buying opportunity and may this time be looking to break through the previous high at 97.50. Still waiting for that.

E6Z18 – still stuck around 1.13 and at the moment with a lack of momentum to the downside and still a lot of bad news coming out I’m surprised it’s not moving. Probably a sign that long positions are holding fast and haven’t begun the unwind yet. If it doesn’t move soon the shorts would get discouraged and I’d expect it to push back towards 1.16. I’m still long the 1.05 put options in both January and February expiries.

GCG19 – the trend is higher and I think my February expiry options standard good chance of getting hit, they’re only 2% above the 200 day moving average, perfect for a false break in a downtrend. I might buy a few more.

KCH19 – waiting for 98.55

ZCH19 – still trading sideways, on balance I’d say its being supported.

ZWH19 – making a break for the 200 day moving average? Formed a bit of a rolling bottom around 500 over the last 6 months, might be the springboard to another rally up to 600.

CCH19 – nothing convincing yet.

SBH19 – nothing today.

HGZ18 – sideways.

ZSF19 – holding above 900 for now. I’m not filled with confidence. Need some supporting evidence.

ZMF19 – indecisive

ZOH19 – Long at 285 1/4 with a stop at 280. Waiting to see what happens.

RSF19 – selling into the rally on this big picture downtrend. Going short at market with a stop at 491.

DYZ18 – still in a downtrend. My take profit at 11,452 is looking expensive now although the rally back up to 11,843 would have almost wiped out all my profits and I would have felt pretty bad. It made me feel better at the time to take profit and build my account.

ESZ18 – equities tested 2600 and rallied off those lows, there might be another chnace to sell yet. Maybe this is what Jesse Livermore was saying in Reminisces (of a srock operator) about waiting for the right time. So many false dawns.

NQZ18 – 6,500 was the previous low, waiting for a break. A higher low this time at 6535. If the trend of peaks continues then the next rally should take us to somewhere around 7,000. That has to be my focus for getting short. It truly is a challenge to believe through all the hype that the tide will turn again and again.

LSF19 – waiting on 300. It’s slowly getting there.

CTH19 – cotton has been a constant battle ground over the last month. Not a place for me to get involved.

OJF19 – watching this for now. A HUGE DAILY RANGE. All through in one order it looks like on the short term charts. Must be an unwind. The fact it has gone so far down makes me think it was a long position. With that long out of the way I would think now the path of least resistance is lower.

SIF19 – drifting higher.

PLF19 – is it going to bounce from here and provide me with a selling opportunity

VIZ18 – no chance for me to do anything at the moment

Actions required as a result of today’s journal
– assess value of buying 2 week gold 1300 call option expiries.
-sign up to Edgewonk and complete the free trial to see if it is a suitable trade analysis tool

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