Trading journal – 12th December

DXZ18 – up strongly and getting close to the previous high. Looks like it might be about to make a break.

E6Z18 – still trading sideways and some increased volume in the last couple of sessions so wondering if we’re going to get a break soon. I’ll put an order in to cover my cost and then just let the rest run.

GCG19 – gold off the highs and potentially has failed again. Wait to see if it is able to hold a higher low to keep the trend intact.

KCH19 – waiting for 98.55.

ZCH19 – still trading sideways, on balance I’d say its being supported.

ZWH19 – making a break for the 200 day moving average? Formed a bit of a rolling bottom around 500 over the last 6 months, might be the springboard to another rally up to 600.

CCH19 – cocoa was belted on Tuesday’s session, back to the lows at 2,100. Now that’s a lower high for the session from 7th of November. If the price can hold here that would still be very bullish otherwise I’d expect to be heading down towards 2000.

SBH19 – nothing today.

HGH19 – sideways.

ZSF19 – holding above 900 for now. I’m not filled with confidence. Need some supporting evidence. The 200 day moving average is at 938 so that could be a good low risk high reward selling point.

ZMF19 – indecisive

ZOH19 – a bit higher today and a small positive candle.

RSF19 – didn’t add this to my list of things to do as a result of the commentary yesterday and now the price is probably a bit far away to be a good risk reward. Just means I need to re-read my commentary to make sure there’s nothing I miss for my to do list.

DYZ18 – positive day for Europe yesterday and any chance I get to sell near the 40 day moving average I will be taking

ESZ18 – probably guessing another rally from here towards 2750.

NQZ18 – ditto for nasdaq, probably get a rally up towards 7000.

LSF19 – waiting on 300. It’s slowly getting there.

CTH19 – cotton has been a constant battle ground over the last month. Not a place for me to get involved.

OJF19 – and it looks like yesterday’s massive range will be resolved to the downside.

SIF19 – failed again and probably drift down towards the bottom of the range.

PLF19 – is it going to bounce from here and provide me with a selling opportunity? Not yet.

VIZ18 – no chance for me to do anything at the moment

Actions required as a result of today’s journal
– I emailed Edgewonk directly to which they replied it doesn’t necessarily match to a specific contract but should provide a general idea of performance against the product, which I took to mean that it won’t be accurate.
– see if my other data provider can confirm that I can get a single file with multiple contract rollovers consecutively and then find out what the switching rule is.

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