Development journal – 20th December 2018

I was too focused on trying to finish my journal and failed to add the entry order for DXY to my Action list. It might  not turn out to be a winner but still disappointed with myself to have missed it.

Another development item was for the year of 2018 to complete my rule book of correcting previous mistakes and to read previous entries in my journal everyday. I was watching a TV show called The Bureau last night about spies in France and one of the characters was saying “rules are there to protect me, to protect you, to protect the asset, to protect the Bureau. If you’re already asking yourself – is it going to be ok? then it’s too late”.
When I think about that in relation to my trading, I need to have the rules there all the time to protect myself, to protect my capital, to protect my livelihood, to protect my family.
I remember reading reminisces of a stock operator and starting to write down some rules in my trading journal. At a time I was thinking if I just wrote down every trading will I come across and follow them then I will quickly make a lot of money. I think that was probably true.

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