Trading journal- 20th December

DXH19 – US dollar index drop down to the level yesterday and I didn’t have an order in, so the opportunity is gone with the price down moving away from that level. Poor execution.

E6H19 – still trading sideways, 1.14 is still holding.

B6H19 – same problem as with the US Dollar index trade, didn’t put it in my to do list, got distracted and missed the entry. Again don’t know if it will be profitable but that’s not the point.

GCG19 – negative signal for gold. Reversal and large volume. Not a good sign.

SIF19 – similar story to gold.

PLF19 – hard to tell if this is a continuation or a reversal set up. I suppose that sentence says it’s nothing that i recognise at the moment!

HGH19 – The midpoint of the big negative candle from the 18th is around 2.7037, so that could be a good point to get short. Negative candle posted on Wednesday to follow up on negative price action from the 18th of December.

KCH19 – A small bounce off the low of 98.55 for the price of coffee in the march 2019 contract.

CCH19 – The price of cocoa is starting to look quite good, with bullish candle posted in Wednesday’s session.

SBH19 – A huge daily range in the US of sugar with a difference of about 4% and on balance I would have to say the outcome was probably negative although it’s not that clear as the open was higher than the close. The dominating feature of the candle is a long upper tail which is a negative.

LSF19 – I have been waiting on 300 for the price of lumber to reach but it’s possible though we may have just seen a higher low. I’ll only know once we reach the previous short term High around 375.

CTH19 – back towards the bottom of the range. Cotton has been a constant battle ground over the last month. Not a place for me to get involved.

OJH19 – now just looking like a failed rally in a downtrend.

ZCH19 – Throughout October corn tried to rally through the 390 level, it failed several times. The sellers then regained the upper hand with the price dropping back towards 370 but they couldn’t keep momentum. Now the price has rallied back up towards that previous High and seems to be holding their preparing for a break. All of the moving averages up to the 100 day have converged. Looking back through a one year chart all I can see is that there’s no real pattern aside from a broad range trading between 400 and 360. So that would say buy at 360 and sell at 400.

ZWH19 – sideways for now.

ZSF19 – The shorter term averages are all turning high now so maybe momentum is turning in soybeans favour. Certainly it has a series of higher lows. The 200 day moving average is still heading down quite strongly however so it is unlikely this will be a sustained breakout even if it does move higher in the short term.

ZMF19 – indecisive

ZOH19 – still going sideways. I’m still long, just sitting with my stop still at 281.

RSH19 – holding a higher low in the short term.

DYZ18 – any chance I get to sell near the 40 day moving average I will be taking. I haven’t got anything so far.

ESZ18 – it will be very interesting to see how the market responds to the 2600 level. It was a good opportunity to sell at 2600 last night reviewing the session but would I have been inclined to sell? On balance no. The price action has just been so volatile I would have assumed it rallied further and washed around the figure, making a mess of any obvious stops. That drop however was very neat. I still have my NQ put option so will sit with that.

NQZ18 – a big down day I think has to be good news for my put option and we are pretty close to the strike so I’m planning just to cash in. That was the original trade plan.

VIZ18 – no chance for me to do anything.

– after writing each entry, check whether I need to add an action to my list
– Need to enter a sell order for one of the coffee options at 0.0080 to cover my cost in case of a spike which fades.
– review my daily journal for action items I have missed before sending it.

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