Trading journal- 27th December

DXH19 – US dollar index still pressuring to the upside.

E6H19 – The Euro is still holding above 1.14.

B6H19 – British pound is also holding above 1.26 for now.

GCG19 – price bounced up to 1281 and then back down again, will have to wait and see if that fail of the 200 DMA is the only one.

SIF19 – a big move higher on the 26th with silver up almost 2%. The first time in a while we have seen a bullish candle. Expectation would be for the 200 DMA to fail again.

PLF19 – hard to tell if this is a continuation or a reversal set up. I suppose that sentence says it’s nothing that i recognise at the moment! The price has been going sideways just over a week now.

HGH19 – 2.70 still roughly a line in the sand for going short. Price hasn’t continued lower and also not closed above 2.70.

KCH19 – Bounce looking a bit stronger now, a bullish candle posted on the 26th.

CCH19 – a huge bullish candle posted by cocoa, also breaking through the 200 DMA. Could be a false break but probably worth noting it was also on very small volume. Convincing trade entry? not really. The price has been building higher, it has made a new high. The midpoint of the breakout candle is also back below the 200 DMA. It is the March contract, so still likely to be lots of interest until maturity. Hard to know if it was just the quiet holiday trading session that allowed someone to run through any short stops.

SBH19 – The dominating trend from the last month has been mostly sideways action. Waiting for a move either way.

LSF19 – I have been waiting on 300 for the price of lumber to reach but it’s possible though we may have just seen a higher low. I’ll only know once we reach the previous short term High around 375.

CTH19 – The price has found buyers at 72.50, nothing for me at the moment.

OJH19 – downtrend has resumed, moving towards 123 I would think, the low from July 2017.

ZCH19 – no real pattern aside from a broad range trading between 400 and 360. So that would say buy at 360 and sell at 400.

ZWH19 – still sideways.

ZSF19 – back below 900. A 1 year chart looks like the price is building back towards a higher level. Roughly at the bottom of the channel at the moment on the 1yr chart. 1-2 month intervals.

ZMF19 – indecisive

ZOH19 – was that a buy at the 100 day moving average. The signs are mixed but most of the moving averages are trending higher.

RSH19 – holding a higher low in the short term.

DYH19 – any chance I get to sell near the 40 day moving average I will be taking. I haven’t got anything so far.

ESH19 – big rally from e-mini. Profit taking on this move i would suspect.

NQH19 – outside day, perhaps time to go long on the rally up towards the breakout point.

VIH19 – no chance for me to do anything.

– after writing each entry, check whether I need to add an action to my list
– Think about ZS long option with 2 month to expiry.
– review my daily journal for action items I have missed before sending it.

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