Trading Journal – 10th February 2019

DXH19 – DXY didn’t get down as far as the 200 DMA, no action to take for now.
E6H19 – The Euro is still holding above 1.14 and right back down towards the bottom of the range so perhaps this could be a good opportunity to buy some short term put options with a few days to expiry in case it does spike lower.
B6H19 – market has come gently lower so unlikely to see any action below 1.25. Expecting my 1.24 put options should expire worthless.
GCG19 – price being supported at the short term average.
SIH19 – Silver is still going sideways, the downward angle of the 200 DMA is a good indicator of a breakout move not likely to be successful.
PLH19 – the pullback did happen after the break out on the big bullish candle and I got filled on my buy order at 812 but stopped out towards the end of the session at 801.50.
PAH19 – Still driving higher,  bouncing off the 15 day moving average. a relentless trend. The price is now 30% above the 200 DMA which is an extreme distance, I am tempted to buy some mean reversion options if they are available and sit on that.
HGH19 –  copper has now failed at the 200 DMA and looks like a good opportunity to go short.
SBH19 –  back down to the 200 DMA, a lot of converging signals. Two major lows now seem to be in place in the soft commodity bloc with sugar and coffee both finding support and pushing higher then stabilise at a higher range. Sugar is the more bullish of the two.
CCH19 – cocoa seems to be losing the battle, see if the medium term averages can halt the slide, they are the last hurdle to break. Only a couple of days to go until expiry, so I will enter a limit order for one and let the other expire in case the price runs lower.
KCH19 – still finding support at the old low. 100 would seem to be a big level and hearing stories of coffee plantation worker  migration makes me think there is a good opportunity to go long from 99.
OJH19 – OJ overall not looking good, more likely to continue lower.
CTH19 – looks like consolidation before the downtrend continues at this stage.
LSH19 –  Lucky I had a tight stop on this one because the price did run quite a way through the 200 day moving average before stopping just underneath 450.
ZWH19 – still sideways.
ZCH19 – no real pattern aside from a broad range trading between 400 and 360. So that would say buy at 360 and sell at 400.
ZSH19 – failing at the 200 DMA.
ZMH19 – still finding support around 305.
ZOH19 – buy near 280 at the 100 DMA?
RSH19 – Glad that I had a stop in place as the price has continued higher and I would have been bleeding now even though the bigger picture does not look good for canola. If this rally continues then it would probably be a good sell at the 100 day moving average which will be close to the previous High from the 7th of December at 496.30.
CLH19 –  short near 55? I might buy a call option to use as my stop and go short near 55.
NGH19 – too much going on here for me to get involved. Right back near the lows.
LEM19 – cattle getting back on the front foot.
DYH19 – I am short 1 unit from 11,187
ESH19 – I have some exposure on OTM equity put options with a range of expiries and will shortly look to buy some 2750 call options to use as a guaranteed stop on going short outright futures from say 2725 in case it gets there.
NQH19  – Bought 2 x very short dated expiries and will continue to buy short term near dated expiries.
VIG19 – I am long from 17.20.
– after writing each entry, check whether I need to add an action to my list
– buy NQ call options with a 7000 strike and 5 day to expiry then go short just before 7000. Same with ES call options with a strike of 2750 and similar time to expiry.
– review my daily journal for action items I have missed before sending it.

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